Iceland 2019 Part VII

Continuing the drive along the coastal road eastward toward the town of Vik and beyond.

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Dyrhólaey Lighthouse, Dyrhólaey, Vik, Iceland

Ocean View, Dyrhólaey, Vik, Iceland

Rock Bridge, Dyrhólaey, Vik, Iceland

Panorama, Vík í Mýrdal, Vik, Iceland

Vík í Mýrdal Church, Sunnubraut, Vík í Mýrdal, Vik, Iceland

Hillsides, Sunnubraut, Vík í Mýrdal, Vik, Iceland

Glacier, Þjóðvegur, Vík í Mýrdal, Vik, Suðurland, Iceland

Road Ahead, Þjóðvegur, Vík í Mýrdal, Vik, Suðurland, Iceland

Cloud Shrouded Mountains, Þjóðvegur, Laufskálavarða, Iceland

Road Bridge, Skaftártunguvegur, Katla Geopark, Suðurland, Iceland

Geirlandsvegur, Skaftárhreppur, Iceland

Rock Formation, Geirland, Kirkjubæjarklaustri, Iceland

“Church Floor”, Geirland, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Iceland

“Church Floor” is a natural pavement of basalt. These are basalt columns in the earth, but only the tops can be seen, and as the name suggests, they have the appearance of a paved church floor. This lava formation has similar origins to the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.

Snowcaps, Geirland, Kirkjubæjarklaustri, Iceland

Rocky Peak, Þjóðvegur, Hörgsland, Iceland

Small Waterfall, Þjóðvegur, Hörgsland, Iceland

Abandoned Hut, Þjóðvegur, Hörgsland, Iceland

Rocky Range, Þjóðvegur, Hörgsland, Iceland

Frozen Waterfalls, Þjóðvegur, Hörgsland, Iceland

Escarpment, Foss á Síðu, Þjóðvegur, Iceland


I decided to try my hand at something different….. this is the result!

All images are geotagged and hyperlinked to open full screen. To view them on a map, save the image to your hard drive and then download this FREE SOFTWARE. Install and click on the image in the left panel to view in a map as to the location where it was taken.  (SAMPLE VIEW)

Fimiston Open Pit, Fimiston, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia

The pit is oblong in plan view and is approximately 3.5 kilometres long, 1.5 kilometres wide and over 600 metres deep. Until 2016 it was Australia’s largest open cut gold mine now surpassed by Newmont’s Boddington gold mine also in Western Australia.

“The Swilkie”, Pentland Firth, Orkney Islands, Scotland UK

‘The Swilkie’ is the most dangerous whirlpool in the Pentland Firth. It is occasioned by the meeting of four or five contrary tides. According to Icelandic legend, the Swilkie is the place where the salt which maintains the saltiness of the oceans is ground in a giant quern, stolen from King Frodi by a sea-king named Mysing. When Mysing’s longship sank off Stroma under the weight of it, he still continued to grind away with it 15 fathoms down and to this day the sea can still be heard roaring through it.

‘The Swilkie” is off the northern coast of the Island of Stroma.

Bungee Jumper, Korintos Isthmus Bridge, Corinth Canal, Loutraki, Greece

Submersible Bridge (Isthmia Bridge), Corinth Canal, Isthmus of Corinth, Greece

The bridge at the Isthmia end of the canal submerges into the water to allow ships to enter or leave the canal.

Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece

The unit we stayed in for a few days is in the foreground – the first half-wall in the top right square.

Stadium, Ithoni, Ancient Messene, Greece

View Across Messian Gulf, Koroni, Greece

This is the view from the house where we stayed.

Panorama, Via del Voltone, San Marino, San Marino

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich Peninsula, Greenwich, London, England UK

Iceland 2019 Part I


After a week or more in London, we are now spending 8 days in Iceland. This is a place of outstanding beauty and scenery everywhere you look.

View Across Hvalfjörður Fjord, Highway Ring Road, Vesturland, Hvalfjarðarsveit, Iceland

Entrance to Hvalfjörður Tunnel (South), Highway Ring Road, Saurbaer, Mosfellsbæ, Iceland

This is a road tunnel under the Hvalfjörður fjord in Iceland and a part of Route 1. It is 5,770 metres long and reaches a depth of 165 metres below sea level. Opened on 11 July 1998, it shortens the distance from Reykjavík to the western and northern parts of the island by 45 kilometers. Passing the fjord now takes 7 minutes instead of about an hour.

Hafnarfjall Mountain, Highway Ring Road, Borgannes, Iceland

View to Borgarbyggð Across Borgarfjörður Fjord, Highway Ring Road, Borgarnes, Iceland

The Hire Car, Highway Ring Road, Borgarnes, Iceland

Panorama Across Borgarfjörður, Borgarnes, Iceland

Hraunsnef Country Hotel, Highway Ring Road, Reykholt, Iceland

River, Reykholt, Iceland

Snow Caps, Highway Ring Road, Northwestern Region, Iceland

Icelandic Ponies, Highway Ring Road, Hvammstangi, Northwestern Region, Iceland

The Icelandic horse is a breed of horse developed in Iceland. Although the horses are small, at times pony-sized, most registries for the Icelandic refer to it as a horse. Icelandic horses are long-lived and hardy. In their native country they have few diseases; Icelandic law prevents horses from being imported into the country and exported animals are not allowed to return. They have been developed from ponies taken to Iceland by Norse settlers in the 9th and 10th centuries.

View Across Miðfjörður Fjord, Hvammstangi, Iceland

Skarðsviti Lighthouse, Húnaflói Bay, Hvammstangi, Vatnsnes Peninsula, Northwestern Region, Iceland

Stone Cairn, Vatnsnesvegur Road, Blönduósi, Northwestern Region, Iceland

“Meet the Locals”, Vatnsnesvegur Road, Lækjamót, Northwestern Region, Iceland

Mountain View, Borgarnes, Iceland

Sunset at Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord), Iceland

Old Whaling Station, Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord), Iceland

A Seal Swimming in the Fjord, Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord), Iceland

Geirshólmi Island, Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord), Iceland

Imposing Peak, Hvalfjarðarvegur, Iceland

Fossárrétt Waterfall, Hvalfjarðarvegur, Iceland

Laxfloss Waterfall, Laxá í Kjós, Hvalfjarðarvegur, Iceland

Laxá í Kjós, Hvalfjarðarvegur, Iceland