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Dowerin & Goomalling, July 2020

Another drive into the country for lunch in the wheatbelt town of Dowerin and a stop at Goomalling on the return to Perth.

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(view from the pub balcony)

Commercial Hotel, Stewart Street, Dowerin, Western Australia

“Benbullen”, 18 Stewart Street, Dowerin

Post Office, Stewart Street, Dowerin c.1913

National Australia Bank, Stewart Street, Dowerin

Views of Stewart Street, Dowerin

Brush Screen, Stewart Street, Dowerin

Freemasons Hall, Goldfields Road, Dowerin

Sculpture, Stewart Street, Dowerin

I believe it is supposed to represent a stalk of wheat?

Railway Derrick, Stewart Street, Dowerin

Picnic Seating, Railway Reserve, Stewart Street, Dowerin

War Memorial, RSL Centenary Park, Goldfields Road, Dowerin

Road Board Office, Stewart Street, Dowerin, c.1924

The Dowerin Road Board came into existence following the split from nearby Goomalling in about 1912. The land was purchased in 1923 for £500 and the building opened the following year.

These offices were used by the Dowerin Road Board and, later, the Dowerin Shire Council for a period of 44 years. By 1966 the increase in staff necessitated by population growth and additional administrative responsibilities, meant that the old building no longer had adequate space. Plans were ordered for a new administrative building which was opened in April 1968.

Original Commercial Bank of Australia Premises, Stewart Street, Dowerin c.1911

The block of land was purchased by Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd. on 24 June 1909 and a branch opened the same year. The Dowerin branch of the Commercial Bank first occupied a three roomed weatherboard building. During the latter half of 1910, N. Peterson of Subiaco won the contract to erect new brick offices for the bank and commenced work in October of that year. Bank officers moved into their new premises at the end of February 1911.

On October 1, 1982, The Bank of New South Wales and CBA became Westpac Banking Corporation.

Old Buildings, Stewart Street, Dowerin

Grey Nomads, Dowerin

Vintage Advertising, Railway Terrace, Goomalling

Road Board Building, Railway Terrace, Goomalling

The building housed the local Road Board from 1907 – 1967.

War Memorial Hall, Cnr Quinland and Hoddy Streets, Goomalling

A Mechanics Institute was erected at this site min 1911 but was demolished and this Memorial Hall was erected in 1922.

Main Street – Railway Terrace, Goomalling

Goomalling Tavern, Railway Terrace, Goomalling

Goomalling Farmers Club, Cnr Quinlan and Forrests Streets, Goomalling c.1912

Socially significant. The club was constructed to fulfil the need for socialisation and interaction of farmers in the area to help exchange ideas and solutions to problems. Structurally & architecturally significant of the era.

Former Union Bank of Australia and Quarters, Railway Terrace, Goomalling, c.1925

Quite a history behind the Union Bank. Formed in 1837 and operated until 1951 when it merged Zealand Bank Limited- Now the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, commonly known as the ANZ.

Alley, Railway Terrace, Goomalling

Agricultural Relic, Millsteed Memorial Garden, Cnr Quinlan and Hoddy Streets, Goomalling

The Memorial garden commemorates Terence Millsteed who was a member of the Goomalling Roads Board, a councillor on the Goomalling Shire Council and Shire President from 1940 to 1975.

Possum Sculpture, Railway Terrace, Goomalling

Post Office, Railway Terrace, Goomalling, Western Australia

Abandoned Farm House, Goomalling-Toodyay Road, Jennacubbine

Wagin, Western Australia

A day trip to Wagin, a rural town in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. It is 225 km from the state capital Perth and is well regarded as a wheat and sheep producing region. It came into being in 1889 after construction of the Great Southern Railway and was originally named Wagin Lake. Each year (it beat the pandemic this year) Wagin hosts ‘Woolorama’, an agricultural show which is a major community event.

All images are geotagged and hyperlinked to open full screen. To view them on a map, save the image to your hard drive and then download this FREE SOFTWARE. Install and click on the image in the left panel to view in a map as to the location where it was taken.  (SAMPLE VIEW)

“Bart” The Giant Ram, Wetlands Park, Arthur Road, Wagin, Western Australia

Butterick’s Buildings, Tudhoe Street  c.1912

Post Office, Tudhoe Street

Palace Hotel, Tudhoe Street c.1905

Mitchell Hall Hotel, Tudhoe Street, c. 1895

Mitchell House, Tudor Street

Butterick Building, Tudor Street c.1905

Rotunda, Tudor Street

Galt Drinking Fountain, Tudor Street

This fountain was presented to the Municipality of Wagin in January 1929 by Alexander Galt, an immigrant Scotsman, who operated a hardware importer business in town. It is number 18 manufactured at Walter Macfarlane’s Saracen Foundry in Glasgow, Scotland.

National Australia Bank, Tudor Street

Courthouse, Tudor Street

Moran’s Wagin Hotel, Cnr Tudor and Tavistock Streets c.1900

“Ladies Rest.Room”, Tavistock Street

Rear Garden, Cresswell’s Emporium, Tudor Street

Town Hall, Tudor Street

Wagin District Club, Tavistock Street

Loading Doors, Heritage Building, Tavistock Street

14 Tavistock Street

Rusting Dodge, Tavistock Street

Uniting Church, Ranford Street

Wagin Argus, Cnr Ranford and Tavistock Streets

‘Crumbling’, Wesley Hall, Tavistock Street

Fence Line, Tavistock Street

Street Sign, Tavistock Street

Note the Ram logo – on every street sign in town

St George’s Anglican Church, Lukin Street

St George’s Hall, Cnr Trenton & Tarbet Streets

Council Gardens, Arthur Road

Wetlands Park, Arthur Road

Country Cottage, Trenton Street

Old Industrial Building Windows, Tarbet Street

Masonic Hall, Tarbet Street c.1907

Wheel Rim, Beaurepaires, Tudhoe Street

Community Centre, Tudhoe Street

Originally built for the Union Bank in 1927 and once occupied by Elder Smith & Co. Now a community centre and utilised also by the local RSL.

Street Mural, Trent Street

Wagin Road Board, Trent Street c.1912

“Rustic Furniture”, 76 Tudhoe Street

Derelict Rural Buildings, Great Southern Highway (…and goat)

Railway Tracks

Graffitied Railway Rolling Stock, Great Southern Highway