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London, United Kingdom 2019 XIV

The final contribution of my London Riverside Walk to The Prince Albert Bridge. We flew back to Australia the next day and due to circumstances globally, no further travel has been possible.

(Remember – all photos will open in a separate window and all photos are geotagged)

Batterseas Bridge Steps, Batterseas Bridge, Battersea, London, England UK

Swan Sculptures, Riverside Walk, Battersea Bridge, Battersea

Riverside Development, Riverside Walk, Battersea

Ransome’s Dock, River Thames, Battersea

The dock was excavated and constructed in 1884. It was designed to take not just lighters and barges, but also coastal steamers. It was wide and deep enough to allow craft to turn, as well as allowing two rows of vessels to pass, and to leave on the lowest of tides.

Underground ice wells were built for the Natural Ice Company Ltd which had premises beside the dock to store ice that was shipped direct from Norway. It was owned by an amalgamation of block ice trade merchants. During the 1920s, with advances in refrigeration technology, the store was replaced by an ice-making plant above ground and an ice making factory was built in Parkgate Road. The factory remained until some time in the 1970s. Parts of the building became a restaurant in the late 1990s.

Waterside Point Development, Riverside Walk, Battersea

Battersea Bridge, River Thames, Battersea

Prince Alfred Bridge, River Thames, Battersea

Toll Booths, Prince Alfred Bridge, River Thames, Battersea

Toll Booth Sign, Prince Albert Bridge, Albert Bridge Road, Battersea

Bridge Supports, Prince Albert Bridge, Albert Bridge Road, Battersea

Prince Albert Pub, 85 Albert Bridge Road, Battersea

“Proper Job”, Prince Albert Pub, 85 Albert Bridge Road, Battersea

This is an excellent beer that I first tried in 2014 in Chagford, Devon back in 2014 on a previous visit to UK. It has an older brother called “Big Job” that is even better.

Albert Gate, Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road, Battersea

Vintage Lamp, Chelsea Embankment, Chelsea

“Atlanta” by Francis Derwent Wood, Chelsea Embankment Gardens, Chelsea

Egyptian Themed Bench, Chelsea Embankment, Chelsea

The Courtyard House, 60-61 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

George Sparkes Memorial Fountain, Chelsea Embankment, Chelsea

In affectionate remembrance of the late George Sparkes of Bromley in Kent, formerly judge at Madras in the East India Company’s civil service, a great and good man, gifted with every refined feeling and much esteemed by all who knew him.
Died 30 January 1878 in his 68th year.
Erected by his widow AD 1880.

The cost of the memorial was £525

Sir Thomas More, St Thomas More Gardens, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Vintage Lamp, Chelsea Embankment, Chelsea

Chelsea Old Church, Old Church Street, Chelsea

This church dates to 1157

Moored Boats, Cardogan Pier, Prince Albert Bridge, River Thames, Chelsea

Decorative, Battersea Bridge, Chelsea

Thames Clipper, River Thames, Battersea

Statue, James McNeill Whistler, Battersea Bridge Gardens, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Whistler – 1834 – 1903 – An American artist based in London – best know for the painting “Whistler’s Mother”.

Crosby Moran Hall, Chelsea Embankment, Chelsea

Crosby Hall is a historic building in London. The Great Hall was built in 1466 and originally known as Crosby Place in Bishopsgate, in the City of London. It was moved in 1910 to its present site in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. It now forms part of a private residence, which in 2021 was renamed Crosby Moran Hall.

Although fragmentary and not on its original site, this is the only example of a medieval City merchant house surviving in London.

Notable residents include:-

Richard III of England, Duke of Gloucester, 1483
Catherine of Aragon, 1501
Bartholomew Reade, Lord Mayor of London, 1501–1505
Sir Thomas More, Lord High Chancellor of England, 1523–4.
William Roper (son-in-law of Thomas More), 1547
John Spencer, Lord Mayor of London, 1594
Sir Walter Raleigh, 1601.
The Earl of Northampton between 1609 and 1671,
Dowager Countess of Pembroke, Mary Sidney from 1609–1615.
Headquarters of the East India Company, 1621–38

Houseboats, Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company, Cheyne Pier, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company is home to the oldest working boatyard in central London.

Boat Pier, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Historical Residence of Sylvia Pankhurst, 120 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Cornwall Mansions, Cremorne Road, Chelsea

A 3 bedroom flat will be Guide price £1,275,000 – about AUD $2,275.000

See Full Building

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