Woodbridge/Guildford, Perth, Western Australia July 2020

Afternoon coffee at the “Riverside at Woodbridge” and then to Barkers Bridge over the Swan River at Guildford.

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“Woodbridge”, Ford Street, Woodbridge, Western Australia c.1885

Captain James Stirling took up land here in 1829, the same year the Swan River Colony was settled. He named his property ‘Woodbridge’ as it reminded him of the area around the home of his wife’s family in Surrey, England. Stirling had a small cottage built but spent little time there. At the end of his term as Governor in 1839, Stirling left the colony and leased the property to various tenants.

Charles Harper married Fanny de Burgh in 1879 and the following year took up a lease at Woodbridge. In 1883 land was purchased and the Harpers began the construction of a large family home. Two years later, Charles, Fanny, their three sons and one daughter moved into the completed house.

Jetty on the Swan River below “Woodbridge”

Fields around “Woodbridge”

Barkers Bridge, Swan River, Guildford, Perth, Western Australia

Riverside, Barkers Bridge, Swan River, Guildford, Perth, Western Australia