Greece 2019 Part XI

All images are geotagged and hyperlinked to open full screen. To view them on a map, save the image to your hard drive and then download this FREE SOFTWARE. Install and click on the image in the left panel to view in a map as to the location where it was taken.  (SAMPLE VIEW)

Along the Waterfront, Koróni, Greece


Street Lamp, Waterfront, Koróni


Derelict Waterfront Building, Koróni


Views of and around Church of Saint Charalambos, Koróni


Church of Hagia Sophia (Saint Sophia), Koróni

Holy Trinity Church, Koróni


Garden of Monastery of Agios Ioannis, (Saint John) Koróni


Around the Temple of Apollo Grounds, Koróni


Shuttered Window, Koróni