SPAIN 2023 – XI


Castillo Almonacid de Toledo, Almonacid, Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

This castle was not far from Toledo on the outskirts of the town of Almonacid.

The first documentary reference on this castle dates from 848 and is of origin Muslim, when it served as a strategic point of surveillance of an old road to La Mancha.

In the 11th century became the property of Alfonso VI de León as part of the dowry his wife Zaida and daughter of the Moorish king. Later, in December 1086, it was donated by Alfonso VI to the Cathedral of Santa María de Toledo, being reformed in the 14th century by mandate of the archbishop of Toledo Pedro Tenorio. It was then used as a prison for. Alfonso Enriquez, Earl of Gijón and of Noreña and son bastard of Enrique II of Castilla, imprisoned by order of his brother Juan I of Castilla.

In the 18th century it became part of the properties of the counts of Mora and in 1809 it served as a refuge for the troops of the General Venegas in the fight against French in the Almonacid battle, although in vain, then finally, the castle was conquered by the French troops.

In 1839 the municipality's town hall, faced with the economic needs that existed, allowed the residents to take bricks from the fortress to put them up for sale, which meant a great deterioration of the structure.